Monday, 21 September 2015

Get Off Your Fat Ass - Your Job Will Never Give You Freedom or Real Money

Let's get through the rubbish and get to the point today. When are you going to get of your fat asses and change your life? When are you going to choose freedom over a job?
The time for talking is done. The markets are the moment are in a mess and this is not even the worst of it. In the next few months the markets will crash. That will be followed by economic depression as banks, who have all contributed to the coming crash, scramble to get their money back. Interest rate will sky-rocket and people all over the world will be hit hard.
The people are going to be hit the hardest are the people that have over borrowed in personal loans, including home loans and are living week to week on a pay check. The financially incompetent that have their heads so far up their own asses about what is going on in the world financially that they have yet to see any problem. They will have everything taken away from them and lose whatever freedom they think that they have.
Hopefully it will teach these foolish people a lesson. And that lesson is, don’t keep borrowing money on shit to make yourself look good. Fuck keeping up with the Jones. It is not important and the Jones are wankers anyway. Pretentious want-to-be’s that talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.
What you need to do right now is start getting your personal loans down. Start paying them off as fast as possible. If it means a little more money each week on a loan, then so be it. That way when things go wrong, you will be able to manage a little better. If, for some strange reason I am wrong about the crash, who cares? You will still be in front financially and that is a good thing.
I also want you to know your job isn't safe. Any business your in may and possibly will be, affected in a negative way from the financially collapse. Remember, when the shit hits the fan, the big bosses are going to look after themselves first. If that means that they will let you go to line their own pockets, then that is what will happen.
As an employee you have very little say to keep your job if they decide to get rid of you. While you are an employee you are at the boss's whim. Plus, while ever you are working for them, your make your boss, not you, rich.
If you want to feel safe in the fact that you are a government employee, I will tell you now you are deluding yourself. Government can sack people just as easy as any business to try and save money. Plus the US government has suspended all pay to their own employees in the past. Greece is the same. If it has happened before you can bet it will happen again.
So next year you can face a double whammy where interest rates go up and you lose your job. Does that sound like the place you want to be in?
I know I don’t. So what are you going to do?
Well we have already talked about the first part. Pay down your debts. The second part will take a bit  more work. Start your own business.
After the coming crash we will see an economic revolution. Green technology, pensions, grapheme and cryptocurrencies will all force a rethink on how the economy works. The biggest change, which is already here and ready to take a missive effect, is mobile phone, internet and computer technologies.
We are about to enter the world of small business. This will be where you run your own business via technology. You will work for yourself instead of having a job. You may contract yourself to your old employer or you may do something totally different. However, it will give you responsibility, control and freedom over your work hours, location and  what you ultimately do.
I won't be easy, but is it easy working for someone else when you don’t have control?
It is time for change. You can run your own business right now. Do exactly what I do. I  run my business on the side and I am learning as I go, and thankfully I still have a pay check coming in for the time being.
It takes up some of my time, but I know that the end goal is worth it. I want my freedom and I want to be able to decide what I do with my life. I am not afraid of hard work or long hours, as long as it is for what I want to do and it makes me money, not someone else.
So let’s change. Let’s have the lives we want. And the time to start is right now!
Terry Shadwell
Your Life Your Way

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