Sunday, 6 September 2015

Just a Little Patience. The Bane of a Mobile Lifetyle

If patience is a virtual then I am servery lacking. I have very little patience and I do not suffer fools gladly, as my wife, Kerry, would agree, especially on our last trip to Hong Kong. Of course when you embrace the mobile lifestyle and travel often, you do need patience.

No matter what you do when you start on your mobile lifestyle and travel you will face a lot of waiting around. That is when you will need your patience. When you first go to get on a plane you will need to wait. To get on to most flights you need to be there anywhere between 1 to 2 hours before take-off. So you have to be patience waiting at the airport. Then if you plane is late, you have a longer wait.

mobile lifestyle, Hong Kong, travel
Flying takes time and patience.
The flight itself is a waiting game. When you have a long flight, over 3 hours, you will need your patience again. After your 2 hour wait at the airport you could face an 8 to 10 hours flight, if not longer. No matter how many videos you can watch and regardless of where you sit be it first or economy, you are still sitting for a long period of time waiting to get to your destination.

When you do get to the other end you have to wait to get through customs. Then you need to wait to get a taxi or get public transport. Then you wait to get to your hotel, check in a finally wait for the lift to get to your room. In some cases it can be over 40 hours since you got up the day before until you drop your bags in the hotel room. And by that time your patience could be wearing a little thin.

I will give you an example. On our recent trip to Hong Kong we traveled to Sydney the night before the flight and waited around. We arrived got at the airport early, as instructed, due to the fact that immigration officials were on strike and delays were expected. We were 3 hours before take-off and then we were informed that the flight was running late by an hour an half. So we waited at the airport for 4 and half hours. That is not much fun.

mobile lifestyle, Hong Kong. travel
Taxi's patiently waiting at Hong Kong Airport
The flight to Hong Kong is 9 hours. Not too bad, but it was just sitting watching the time tick by. Thankfully I was able to write a few blog posts and edit my book. That is the beauty of the technology that allows our lifestyle to be mobile. However, no matter what you are doing, you are still just sitting and waiting. 

Then there was immigration and bag collection. That adds at least another hour. After that the airport expresses (which is fantastic) and then the crowded train out to Kowloon East to the hotel, another hour. So by the time we got here we were exhausted. And I was getting frustrated.

Thankfully the service at the hotel, The Crowne Plaza at Kowloon East, is one of the best in Hong Kong and we were checked in within minutes. So before I could bite someone's head off for annoying me, I was in the room, slowly becoming more human again, and regaining my sense of patience.

Hong Kong, mobile lifestyle, travel
I am not the best to tell you how to maintain your patience when traveling but I do have a few tips. First remember that the air hostess and ground crew are frustrated about delays as well. Plus they have to deal with frustrated people. It is not their fault for the delays so be nice to them.

Second, the people along the way do not know your situation and they didn't create it either. They do not deserve your abuse. Plus when you get the airport at the other end, all the people in your line have probably had just as long a trip as you, if not longer, so try not to take anything personal. One of the best thing to embrace with a mobile lifestyle is learning to let some of the small annoying things go.

Finally, try to eat decent food. Eating rubbish such as sugary food, sodas or food high in salt or fat will have a negative effect on you mood. This will affect your patience levels.

Sometimes you will not be able to maintain your patience. You will snap at someone or do something silly. We all have and will again. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just apologize and move on.

To embrace the mobile lifestyle you need to develop your patience levels. The good thing is the more you travel to better you will become. The best way to improve your levels is to have empathy and consider the other person. Remember, it is not all about you. So the next time your travel, whether it is to Hong Kong, Sydney, London, New York or someone else, stay calm, think of other people and try to be patient

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