Monday, 19 October 2015


As regular readers would know, I am a big believer in change. I am also a big believer that change is always good, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time. What I want to talk about today is the fact that change often happens very quickly in our lives and most people are never ready for it..

Let me give you an example. Our dog, Sebastian, had been diagnosed with cancer in January. Over the last 10 months we had watched his health decline. Knowing that the end was coming, we started to plan how we would send him off. We talked about what we would do to make his last day a great day and have nice ending.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. We awoke to find that his tumor had started bleeding and there was no way to fix it without an operation. And an operation was out of the question as his lungs were so riddled with cancer he probably would not survive. We only had one choice, and while we knew we had to send him on his way, it was not how we wanted.

One day he was relatively OK, and the next, before we even knew what was happening we were saying our goodbyes. Even though we planned for a better ending, things changed overnight and we had to take a different path than what we had planned. Unfortunately this is not uncommon.

This happens all the time as well in everybody's lives. People and animals die unexpectedly and we are left to stumble our way through. All the plans we have make get swept aside and we start to follow a new path.

However, it may not just be with a death of a loved one. It may be that you have lost your job unexpectedly or someone is suing you for some reason. These things come out of the blue and can send us reeling.

The sad thing is, most people live their lives in this constant manner. While we can all be blind sided by unexpected events, there are a lot of things that go on in the world that can be predicted and prepared for. One of those is the economy.

The economy follows patterns. It booms, it crashes. That is about it.

Sometimes there is a change, unexpectedly, just like we have now. We had a crash in 2007, and the world waited for the economy to pick up again. It didn't. Now we are facing a global meltdown like never seen before and for most people they will not be ready for it and be totally wiped out.

Once the economy totally fails, people around the world will be losing their job, unexpectedly. Then they will unexpectedly lose their houses, and cars and all the other “things” that they hold precious.

You see there are two types of unexpected events. Those that happen because life just goes that way, such as with our dog, and those that happen because people are too lazy, foolish or stupid to look for the change that is coming.

At the moment, the lazy, foolish and stupid are causing the biggest problems. They are the ones in debt up to their eyeballs. They are the ones trying to “keep up with the Jones”. They are the ones not watching or learning about what is going on in the world. Focused on their own lives, they have yet to see the coming tsunami that will wash away everything that they own.

They will lose their job as the economy crashes. Then they will lose their expensive things. Then they will lose their house. All the time wondering how things went so wrong.

They will fail to learn from what has happened. They will blame their boss, the government, big business and the banks. They will not realise that it was their debt and lack of willingness to look beyond their own personal desires and greed that allowed them to be swamped by the unexpected change.

We, and I say we as you are taking time to learn by reading this blog, are the ones who survive. I don't think we will do it easy. But as we are planning and getting ready for what is coming, we may be able to keep our heads above water while the others “unexpectedly” drown.

Of course there may some truly unexpected event that blind sides us all and our plans get ruined. The thing to remember is having any plan is better than having none at all. Plus if you know how to learn about what is going on, you can set new plans and move forward when things change.

That is why change is always good. It can send you in a new direction, even a better direction than before, if you are willing to learn from what has happened.

On a personal note. Even though it is hard for me and my wife at the moment, I see the change in our lives, and our dogs as good. He is no longer suffering and died with everybody who loved him by his side. All change is good, even if it takes a little while to find it.

So be on the lookout for the changes in the economy. Start planning and getting ready, when the economy breaks, a lot of people are going to go down fast. Like any drowning person, they will try to grab hold of anything to survive even if it means that they pull you under with them. So start preparing for what is going to happen. Keep learning and looking for signs of change.

Terry Shadwell

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