Monday, 4 January 2016

Star Wars The Force Awakens - People find my lack of faith, and my opinion, disturbing!

Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of people upset with me. That is not unusual. However, some people have really gone out of their way to verbally attack me. Why? Because I said bad words about Star Wars The Force Awakens.

I have seen Star Wars The Force Awakens a couple of times and think that it is a bad movie. It has massive plot holes, written to promote sequels and toy sales and is a carbon copy of the first Star Wars. As a Star Wars fan I was disappointed that they didn’t come up with something new.

However, there are lot of fans who think that Star Wars The Force Awakens is a great piece of work. They have have faith that the movies are great. These people live and breath Star Wars and will not allow people to say a bad word about their favorite movie franchise. Much like an extreme sports fan. They chose to see what they want to see and create a justification for any misgiving.

What I find interesting, and it wasn’t Star Wars The Force Awakens, was how I am not allowed to have my opinion. Everytime I say something about the movie, people try to shout me down, and abuse me.

You see the problem is not me. It is them and their weakness in their belief. When people feel threatened they hold on to what makes them strong. This is what is happening with the Star Wars fans. They feel threatened by a movie that wasn’t as good as they wanted, but better than the prequels, but they will defend it to the death out of some skewed sense of loyalty.

This is what happens to people in various religions and cults. They get sucked in, but when they have to face tough questions about their beliefs, they will defend them no matter what. You can see they people that are the half believers, because they get angry quickly when someone questions their faith. A true believer can take the questions and can see the good and bad in the religion.

The funny thing is, people who are weak in their beliefs are afraid to hear any other opinion than what they believe as it may make them question their faith. When I was talking to a friend about the Star Wars The Force Awakens, she told me to stop pointing out the flaws. She was afraid I would spoil the movie for her. I can't see why? Just because a movie has flaws does not mean you have to stop liking it. The original movie had flaws, and I love it. And no matter of people attacking it will make me stop liking it.

I have a former student that is very religious and would like nothing better than to see me convert back to christianity so he knows my soul would be saved (far too late for that). I am atheist. I often point out flaws to him in his beliefs and he comes back and points out flaws in atheism. We have a great relationship and a good laugh. I would never ask him to give up his belief no matter what I believe and his faith is not affected by my lack of faith.

While I am being attacked for my outspokenness on Star Wars The Force Awakens, I will not stop. I have my opinion and I am allowed to share it, no matter if other people like it or not. I am not going to quote the freedom of speech, but I will say we need to varying opinions in life. If we all believed the same thing life would be boring.

Varying opinions also help to keep us free. They allow for debate on various topics and the ability to question what is going on in the world. The best thing about an opinion is you do not have to agree with it. However, you should always support people to have the right to their own opinion.

For the Star Wars fans, and yes I am one, you don't have to like my opinion, lose your faith or allow it to affect your enjoyment of Star Wars The Force Awakens. Like what you want to like and believe what you want to believe. I will defend your right to your own opinion. I just hope you will defend my right to my own opinion.

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